Welcome to KAFL Insurance Resources!

We are KAFL Insurance Resources, an exceptional employee owned national multi-line brokerage agency, that provides dedicated support and innovative resources to those who provide financial solutions.

KAFL Strengths

At KAFL, our goal is to help you increase your revenue without compromising your most valuable asset…your time.  KAFL’s business model is dedicated to helping you uncover opportunities inside of your existing practice.  Once we uncover the opportunities our team reduces the time and effort required  to develop creative and accurate options for your clients, and works to implement their choices quickly and efficiently.

  • Product Availability – Access to 70+ carriers for Life, LTC, DI, Annuities, Employee Benefits & the Senior Market
  • Creative Case Design & Knowledgeable Specialists – LTC, Senior Markets, Advanced Business & Estate Planning
  • We Do Not Compete With You – We are not directly selling to the public
  • Proactive Underwriting Management – Experienced Case Management team that is proactive with your business
  • Specialized Services & Training – Professional Development & Continuing Education opportunities

Upcoming Events

  • Dec 12 – CAD 10 Minute Practice Builder
  • Dec 20:  All team members in a KAFL Meeting from 11:30am-1:00pm
  • Dec 24-26: KAFL Office closed for the holidays


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