Prudential has pulled their Guaranteed Death Benefit UL Protector (single life only, not survivorship)

  • The deadline to get applications to Prudential is 7/13 therefore they need to be at KAFL by noon on Friday, 7/10

Prudential has pulled their Survivorship Variable UL in NY only

  • The deadline to get applications to Prudential is 7/19 therefore they need to be at KAFL by 10:00am on Friday, 7/17

Beginning Monday June 8th health insurance carriers will begin to send notices to individual and group health insurance customers notifying them of the 2021 rates they are requesting.  PLEASE NOTE: these rates are not final and are subject to change.  The State of New York Department of Financial Services can come back to the carrier to adjust their request and the new rate would be communicated as the “final rate” for 2021 at a later date.  Once the group gets the notice from the carrier it is their responsibility to distribute it to any employee in that specific plan (note each plan may have a different rate change).  In addition these notices can be sent in either hard copy form or electronically to the employees.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of our Employee Benefits team for help.  Thank you!

Income protection is an important topic to talk about – and most people have a need for individual disability insurance (IDI). So, how can you find clients to talk to – and expand your business? Prospects are all around you!

4 tips to find income-protection clients

  1. Talk to existing clients – You’ve already built trust and know their needs, so contact high-income earners, like attorneys, CPAs, veterinarians and engineers.
  2. Use LinkedIn to your advantage – Search for connections by employer and industry, then ask your connections to introduce you to those you have mutual interests with.
  3. Be visible in your community – Host a booth, organize an event or volunteer and network with local leaders.
  4. Attend organized events – Seek out civic and professional groups and associations that cater to specific demographics and occupations, like business owners or architects.
  5. Identify key markets and learn how to engage with them.

We’re here to help…Contact us to discuss IDI prospects and sales opportunities!


New York has had a suitability regulation for producer annuity recommendations, but this regulation did not apply to life insurance. The regulation has been expanded to:

  • any producer recommendation to a N.Y. resident of a transaction involving any type of life insurance
  • a producer recommendation to a N.Y. resident of either a new life insurance policy or an in-force transaction (for example, a conversion of a term policy into a whole life policy)
  • require the producer to meet a “best interest” standard when recommending the purchase of life insurance
  • require the producer to have a “reasonable basis” when recommending life insurance to a N.Y. resident, including having confidence that the client has the financial ability to make the premium payments and for the producer to document that basis
  • require the producer to make certain disclosures to a N.Y. resident when recommending any transaction (whether a new sale or in-force) that involves the payment of new compensation to the producer
  • In addition you will need to complete carrier specific life product training, this new training is required to sell a life policy in New York beginning 2/1/20! The list of training links is available on our Get Licensed Page and will be updated as more information is given to us by the carriers.


Here’s your guide to being compliant with Reg 187:

  • Complete Reg 187 training before 2/1/2020 (we suggest RegEd as the course is free)
  • If you have completed Reg Ed course #484 or #485 you have satisfied your life Reg 187 training requirement.
  • Click here to see a link to state approved CE providers.
  • Send training certificate to
  • Carriers will be changing their suitability forms so please verify with KAFL that you have the most current version of the paperwork


Click here for full Reg 187 Regulation

Lincoln’s MoneyGuard® product compliant with the new CSO tables has not yet been approved in New York.  This means:

    • All applications for Moneyguard® Reserve must be received at KAFL in-good-order by 1:00pm EST on Thursday, November 14th.
    • Lincoln will be making NO exceptions.  In an effort to accommodate all deadlines, please let your KAFL team know if you expect to be submitting an application at the last minute so we can prepare.
    • Lincoln is no longer accepting external 1035 exchange applications for Lincoln MoneyGuard® Reserve.
    • In addition, after November 15, 2019, Lincoln will not have an approved MoneyGuard® product available in the state of New York.
    • Please note that due to a very high volume of applications, Lincoln is experiencing delays with their processing and underwriting times

Lincoln is actively working with the state to get their 2017 Commissioners Standard Ordinary (CSO) Mortality Table product approved as soon as possible and we will update you as we learn more.

Additional Reminder:  Application Deadline for the MoneyGuard® II product outside of NY is Friday, November 1.   Any applications received after that date must use MoneyGuard® III, which is an increased cost for most clients.

With Prudential UL Plus being retired on 10/27, all UL Plus applications must be received by KAFL by 3:00 on 10/24/19.

Prudential EUL is launching on 10/28 in NY:

  • REPRICED TO BE COMPLIANT WITH PRINCIPAL BASED RESERVES (PBR), 2017 CSO MORTALITY TABLES, & CREDITING RATE CHANGE TO 4.15% – Minimal decreases and increases at key ages 45—75 (top 4 underwriting classes) for minimum premium to $1 at age 120
  • NEW LOW BAND For face amounts under $100,000.  Under $25,000 for conversions only.  New business will be available from $25,000 and higher
  • REMOVAL OF LIMITED NO-LAPSE GUARANTEE – Now easier for a client to understand
  • TYPE C UPDATES (similar to FOUNDERS PLUS 2018)
      • Max age change from 70 to 75
      • Factor change from 1 to 2

    Contact your KAFL brokerage manager today with any questions.

Life Insurance Product Portfolio Update

Effective September 27, 2019, Brighthouse Financial® will close the following products to new sales:

  • Brighthouse Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL)
  • Brighthouse Guaranteed Level Term (GLT)
Why is Brighthouse Financial closing these products?

With the adoption of the 2017 Commissioners Standard and Ordinary (CSO) Mortality Table and the regulatory requirement that any product available for sale beginning January 1, 2020, comply with the 2017 CSO Table, insurance companies are updating or closing older products. In evaluating our life product portfolio, we have opted to close rather than update these products.

In contrast, Brighthouse SmartCare® and other life products that Brighthouse Financial will bring to market will comply with the 2017 CSO Table. This is consistent with our strategy to reestablish a competitive presence in the U.S. life insurance market and build upon our foundation of experience in the development of protection products.

Key transition dates for sunsetting products are as follows:

  • August 27, 2019
    • Last day to submit Quick Quotes and Preliminary Applications
  • September 24, 2019
    • Paper applications with cash must be to KAFL – no exceptions
  • September 25, 2019
    • Paper applications without cash must be at KAFL  – no exceptions
  • September 27, 2019
    • Tele-applications must be completed
    • The last day PAUL and GLT illustrations will be available
  • November 27, 2019
    • Pending cases must be paid and issued

Brighthouse Financial Life Insurance Product Portfolio:
The following Brighthouse Financial products will continue to be available:1

  • Brighthouse SmartCare® Indexed Universal Life
  • Brighthouse Conversion Whole Life
  • Brighthouse One Year Term


1All products may not be available in all jurisdictions or firms. State variations may apply.

Life insurance products are issued by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company and, in New York only, by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY (“Brighthouse Financial”). Brighthouse Financial® and its design are registered trademarks of Brighthouse Financial, Inc. and/or its affiliates

For Financial Professional Use Only. Not For Public Distribution.


November 15, 2016

To achieve our vision to be America’s Retirement Company, Voya must continually evolve our strategy in response to changing, and often challenging, market conditions. The insurance industry continues to face strong headwinds, including historically low interest rates, heightened market volatility and regulatory changes.

In response to these conditions and as part of our evolution as a company there will be a number of changes to our product offering.

Product changes

Effective December 30, 2016, Voya will suspend Voya Indexed Universal Life-Guaranteed Death Benefit (IUL-GDB) and all level-term insurance sales while continuing to offer cash value life insurance products. Suspended products include:

Voya IUL-GDB –  Security Life of Denver Insurance Company – 1185-09/11

Voya TermSmart –  ReliaStar Life Insurance Company – 1315-02/10

Voya TermSmart NY –  ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York – 3314-02/10

Voya ROP Endowment Term – ReliaStar Life Insurance Company – 1314-12/09

Voya ROP Endowment Term NY –  ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York  3313-12/09

*All issuing companies are members of the Voya® family of companies.

Voya is committed to the insurance business, and to the sale of life insurance and annuities. We continue to offer competitive product solutions to help our clients to and through retirement. We remain confident that cash value products play an integral role in Voya’s mission to help Americans plan, invest and protect their savings to get ready to retire better.

We are confident in our individual life business, and our expectation is to continue delivering top-quality solutions and value to our customers and shareholders.

The following contains some key dates and activities regarding the suspension of Voya’s level-term and IUL-GDB products.

Key Dates and Actions:
12/14/16  •  Last day to illustrate level-term products and IUL-GDB on Presents and other illustration software

12/28/16  • Last day KAFL will accept Voya formal applications

02/17/17  • Last day to issue / reissue policies – Last day to initiate 1035 exchanges with replacement companies – All underwriting and administrative requirements to issue the policy must be received by Voya.

For more information, contact your KAFL Brokerage Manager.

Innovative Underwriting Requirement Changes
What requirements have improved?
Medical Exams
MD exams not required up to $10,000,000 and up to age 70
PM exams to be used instead
Only required for age 41 – 50 at amounts $ 1,500,001+
Only required for ages 51 – 60 at amounts $1,000,001+
Exercise EKG’s eliminated up to $10,000,000
APS will not be automatically required for ages 17-60 at up to $1,500,000
For ages 18 – 60, traditional inspection limits have been increased from $1,000,001+ to $3,000,001+
In lieu of traditional inspections American National will obtain public database reports at $1,000,001+ and personal financial statements at $1,500,001+
For more information on current underwriting requirements, basic
underwriting information, underwriting strengths, and more, see
our Underwriting Guidelines brochure.
Download the Underwriting Guidelines Here
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