SmartAction was founded as an artificial intelligence (AI) research company and has since evolved into the leading provider of AI-powered customer self-service solutions. It’s come to Legal & General America.

Customers should never miss a bill. 
Pay by phone and text reminders are here!
We’re elated to provide easy to use, conversational help for customers who call Legal & General America for payment service on their policies. This new AI service will bring great experiences to customers, saving them time and energy in completing tasks and keeping Legal & General America at the forefront of innovation and service quality. The service is powered by SmartAction’s advanced voice recognition system, like Siri or Alexa, but for the call center.  ​

So what does that mean for our customers?

We’ve implemented a speech-driven payment system, powered by SmartAction, through which customers can pay premiums using our existing 800.638.8428 toll-free number for Banner and 800.346.4773 for William Penn.  

How does it work?

  • It doesn’t matter whether the customer has an online account with us or not. If he or she wants to pay by phone, it just takes a call to provide bank routing, bank account, and policy numbers. Only policy owners and authorized payors are allowed to make payments.
  • For added convenience, if the customer has provided this information by completing our online Profile, he or she is given the option to use the existing information when paying by phone.
  • At present, the service is for term and whole life only. Universal life will be added at a later date.

Phone prompts on the Legal & General America toll-free lines have changed and now include a “pay by phone” option.

There are more bells and whistles.

Customers can ask us to text them reminders to pay their bills! And they can pay by text!

  • The customer opts in for text messaging online and sets up a payment account if necessary.
  • If the bill hasn’t been paid, the text will be sent 5 days prior to the due date.
  • The customer has the option to pay the bill via text or simply use it as a reminder.

If the bill hasn’t been paid 15 days after the due date, another text is generated. The 30-day late payment offer is still sent by regular mail. All other paper correspondence remains in place.

SmartAction is at work now.

The pay-by-phone and text reminder services are available today. These services are available 24/7 in all states for both Banner and William Penn policy owners.

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