COVID-19 has disrupted families, communities, and businesses in our country and around the world. EMSI has become a casualty of these unprecedented times, as the pandemic has severely depressed service volumes. As a result, all company operations ceased on Friday, July 3, 2020.

Prudential’s response to closing:

In light of the EMSI closure news, unfortunately, there are some impacts to “in the mill” cases.

Here is a high-level summary of impacts:

  1. Orders for cases that have been assigned a Prudential policy number are being transferred to a new vendor – No action required.
  2. Fast App has been suspended for new submissions.
  3. Fast App cases that did not transmit to Prudential prior to EMSI’s closure will need to be re-submitted via an alternate method. To proceed, re-submit using an alternative application. We recommend using the Xpress Worksheet Application, and the online interview, to expedite processing.

We are working to update FastApp submissions to be processed through another vendor as quickly as possible. We understand the importance Drop Ticket submissions play in our partnership and are actively working to have solutions in place in the near future.

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