The microsite is comprised of 5 sections as outlined below:


  1. Whitepapers – DOL Conflicts of Interest Ruling – This section provides an in-depth overview of the various sections of the DOL rulings including the BIC Exemption, PTE 84-24, Impartial Conduct Standards and information on the prudent process a financial advisor should act under with regard to serving their clients in a post-DOL world.
  2. The Definition of a Fiduciary – Comprised of marketing pieces and more “infographic” type material, this section is meant to illustrate the “Who”, “What” and “When” the expanded fiduciary definition expects advisors to act as a fiduciary as well as the “How” advisors can ensure they are acting in the “best interest” of their clients in accordance with the DOL’s position.
  3. What Institutions and Advisors Should Consider – A section designed to illustrate the “Why” institutions and advisors should consider working with you; an AimcoR member firm.
  4. Information About AimcoR Group, LLC – This section further drills down into the value of what an AimcoR member can bring to the table for financial institutions and their advisors and “Where” we can help ensure compliance with the new regulations.
  5. Important Supporting Documents – The final section provides three individual waivers (Life, LTC and DI) that advisors should consider having their clients who say “I’m not interested” in purchasing a protection based product that is recommended by their financial advisor. These documents are meant to help protect advisors from the potential of future litigation brought on by those clients’ families when the client has a liquidating event like death or increased health-care expenses as a result of the client’s decision to not purchase a recommended insurance product.


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