KAFL’s marketing teams provide pre-sale and point-of-sale support to financial professionals. Our associates are experts in designing cases and finding solutions that help you grow your business while meeting your client’s needs. From basic product and solution comparisons to the most complex financial plans, our sales team can provide illustrations, quotes, knowledge and a variety of other resources.


Impaired Risk Questionnaires:

Use these tools to gather as much medical information from a client regarding a specific medical condition(s). Send to your KAFL team to determine which carrier to quote and submit a formal application to.


Informal Application:

Do your clients need insurance but have medical issues or concerns? If so, KAFL can help identify a solution prior to a formal application. Your KAFL team will obtain medical records and shop a case to 1 or more carriers for a tentative medical offer to determine which carrier is the best solution for your client.

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