Limited Illustrations on Certain Inforce Policies Beginning March 15, 2017, Transamerica will illustrate only the guaranteed future interest rate and monthly deductions for the following products of inforce policies.

This decision was made following significant review of NAIC regulations inforce current assumption illustrations and our interpretation of those NAIC regulations.

TransACE® (2012)
TransACE Survivor® 2000
TransACE® (2007)
TransACE Survivor® XL
TransACE® GL
TransACE® CV 2008
TransACE® LP (2006)
Inheritance Builder UL
TransACE® SP (2005)
Assured Life 1
TransACE® XL
Lifetime Protector II
TransACE® 1999 (2000)
TransValue (1998)
TransACE Survivor® EX
TransValue (2002)
TransACE® EX
TransValue GCO
TransACE Survivor® GL
TransUltra Plus® (2005)
TransACE Survivor® 2008 (2008)
TransSurvivorSM Life 115 (1998)
TransACE Survivor® 2008 (2010)
TransSurvivorSM Life 115 (1999)
TransACE Survivor® 2000
TransUltra® 115 (1999 Version)
Preferred Protector 100 (Issued Pre-July 2003)

Process Changes
Beginning March 15, Transamerica will only run illustrations based on the guaranteed maximum charges and the guaranteed minimum interest rate. Illustrations based on current charges and interest rates will not be produced.

Transamerica’s customer service will provide a policy’s current accumulation value and monthly deduction amount, which agents can compare to planned premiums to determine whether the current premium will sustain the policy until the next anniversary.

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